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Confused about where to start to stand out from the crowd? You’ve worked too hard for your success to not reinvest in yourself and take your interpersonal game to the next level. We make it easy by working with clients like you one-on-one, in group trainings, through online courses, and using a complimentary curriculum to help you outclass the competition. Explore our six modern etiquette tracks to move your personal brand from confused to clear. 

+ One-on-one mentoring

Every gentleman needs an advisor to create a strong personal brand. Who’s yours? Our one-on-ones start with a 360° evaluation for grooming and attire, communication delivery, dining etiquette, traveling, and professional networking. We’ll determine your existing strengths and focus on crafting a general approach and specific techniques for areas that need improvement. We’ll work side-by-side with you and over the phone to get you going in the right direction and then support you along the way.

+ Group Training and Workshops

The Dapper Diplomat works regularly with affluent service providers and sales teams to level up their client game. We conduct half-, full-, and multiple-day trainings on-site with teams who want to learn how to polish delivery and make their clients feel appreciated. Your team isn’t born knowing how to make others feel at ease. It’s your job to tell them what you expect, show them how to do it, give them a chance to act it out, and then provide feedback on their performance. If you’re not an expert at this, call us in to do it for you.

+ Online Education

We know not everyone has the chance to work directly with us. We know in-person workshops can be time and cost prohibitive, so The Dapper Diplomat is creating online courses with similar content as an alternative training option that can be consumed at your own pace for a fraction of the cost. Online education is an outstanding approach for individuals who want to improve faster than their companies are willing to invest in them, or for those who prefer to work by themselves when learning.

+ Complimentary Curriculum

If you’ve admitted that you were not born knowing everything—especially when it comes to etiquette and protocol—but you’re not yet sure what you’re going to do about it, try our free downloads to get started. It’s a great way to learn tips and tricks to level up, and shows you the impact modern etiquette can have on a gentleman’s approach to the world around him.

Etiquette Tracks

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