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The dapper diplomat

The Dapper Diplomat offers practical etiquette for the modern gentleman. It's not easy being comfortable in your own success. Discover how to enjoy a life of accomplishment with style, sophistication, and grace. We hope you’ll join us in making the world a little more dapper, one gentleman at a time.

How we work


Confused about where to start to stand out from the crowd? You’ve worked hard for your success for too long to not reinvest in yourself and take your interpersonal game to the next level. We make it easy by working with clients like you one-on-one, in group training, online, and with complimentary curriculum to help you outclass the competition. Explore our six modern etiquette tracks to move your personal brand from confused to clear. 


One-on-One Mentoring
Personalized retainer services for a strong personal brand

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Group Training
& Workshops
Get everyone moving in the same direction


Online Education
Professional development made easy and convenient

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Complimentary Curriculum
Simple advice to improve daily activities

Don’t reply all. Take the time and read an email to see if you need to cc all 100 people in your company on that email thread. It will save you some embarrassment and your colleagues will have one less thing to delete.
— Julian Leaver, The Dapper Diplomat

How we work

who we work with


Corporate Executives
Getting it right when it matters most

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Sales Teams
Sophisticated deliveries for high-net-worth clients


Wealth Managers
Building relationships vs. transacting business

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Service Providers
Making affluent clients feel comfortable

What we love most about The Dapper Diplomat’s modern etiquette training is that his past professional experience is directly in five-star hotels. He understands our clientele, our team, and our guest interactions. It was easy for him to create a lesson plan based on the reality of our day-to-day guest interactions and the required skills needed even for our already well-polished team.
— Melina, The Little Nell


Our promise

Client Code


Platinum Rule over Golden Rule
It’s not about us, it’s about you. Our approach to modern etiquette gives you real life how-tos for daily living. 

Clarity over Confusion
When you name it, you can tame it. You’ll learn how to identify your challenge and how to face it head on.

Confidence over Fear
If you have the map, you can start the journey. Chart a course knowing you’re on the right path.

Be early. By scoping out the bar, tipping out your bartender ahead of time, and selecting the perfect table, you set up your business meeting or date for success.
— Julian Leaver, The Dapper Diplomat

why are you here

YOur Story 


You’ve made it. You’ve achieved your goals by every measure the world has set for you, but something doesn’t feel quite right. It’s hard to feel comfortable in your own success.

The rise to the top was easy, but staying at the top is challenging. Now, the difference between a good and bad presentation is a million dollars. A botched client dinner isn’t just about one sale, it’s about a lifetime of sales. Showing up in formal when the invite reads black tie could get you turned away from a crucial networking event. Welcome to the world of bigger consequences.

Like you, The Dapper Diplomat understands how standing out from the crowd can be a daunting experience. Where do you start? What is the fastest and most painless way forward? How do you sift through all of the choices that are ahead?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Your guide has arrived. We will hand you the map to the road of self confidence and show you the way to outclass the competition. Are you ready to get started?

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The moment we realized that The Dapper Diplomat’s training was working for us was when we recognized that we were referencing the training on a weekly if not daily basis! Our team is able to offer a higher level of service and professionalism to our potential clients than we ever have before.
— Molly, The Lodge at Torrey Pines

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