outclass the competition with MODERN etiquette

In today's world of sales and service, everyone is competing for the same business. The old tenets of advertising are no longer relevant. How you make people feel is what matters most in a market built on relationships, and it's the complete experience everyone wants. The golden rule is out, and the platinum rule is in: Treat others the way they want to be treated.

The Dapper Diplomat, a Five-Star Finishing School based in Dallas, Texas, offers enhanced techniques to learn or refine any personal brand. Individuals and team members aren't born knowing how to deliver a sophisticated sales pitch for a large contract, or make a prosperous client feel comfortable in an ultra-luxury atmosphere. Even top performers in their fields had to learn at some point in their career.

We strongly recommend not learning from mistakes. The stakes are too high and personal brand loyalty is too important. In helping you and your team to understand the math of messing up, The Dapper Diplomat stands ready to help you outclass the competition.

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Sales and Service training Courses

The Dapper Diplomat offers a portfolio of courses designed to create lasting impressions on guests and clients. We invite you to tailor a curriculum specific to your own unique circumstances. Ranging from internal communication to grooming and attire, The Dapper Diplomat will assist you in developing an impressive personal brand for yourself and/or your team. We are based in Dallas, Texas, but teach our curriculum nationwide. 



The most important part of communication is the delivery. What you say accounts for so little when measured against how you express yourself through tone and body language. Everyday interactions via email, text, and social media make it harder to convey your message because content drives the communication. Expert strategies can turn often-problematic formats into new areas, not just traditional ones, that distinguish you as a savvy communicator.  

Client appreciation

The art of gifting is more than hand-written thank-you notes. It's a full expression of how you value the people you work with and who you service. Making people feel appreciated in ways that matter most to them takes thought, insight, and an earnest desire to make a real impact on how they remember you. 


sophisticated sales

Savvy salespeople craft their word tracks with precision to guide prospects to purchase. Learn to use enhanced techniques to facilitate the buying process rather than make a sales pitch. Low-volume, high-value transactions often occur over weeks or months, making advancement to the next stage in the sale crucial. Identifying openings to make your mark at each step along the way takes tact and skill, and attention to your prospects' needs.


Whether you do business in a traditional office environment or more modern co-working space, daily interactions with colleagues is an important part of success in building a personal brand. It's hard to know how and when to collaborate, when to ask for a meeting, where to conduct conversations, and how to ask for project time away from the needs of others. Done the right way, how you work with others can garner respect that gets passed along by way of referrals and potential partnerships.

ask us anything

It's important not to make the same mistake again, especially with the same colleague or client. Recurring offenses erode trust and diminish the respect people carry for you and your company. Take the toughest circumstances you have faced and bring them to the attention of the group to get advice on how to handle them better next time. 

professional networking

Forming new relationships and cultivating existing ones is more than just showing up. How you present yourself to a room full of people is an opportunity to showcase communication strategies for which others will know you. Appropriately starting conversations, leaving others, introducing colleagues and acquaintances, and introducing your line of work gives the confidence needed to retain existing business and receive referrals. 

dine like a diplomat

Social skills aren’t just for debutantes anymore. Professionals need a personal brand that shines at the dinner table during meals with colleagues, bosses, prospects, and clients. Sitting in a confined environment where everyone is watching your actions puts a spotlight on basic manners. True dining etiquette creates a platform to demonstrate class and sophistication through conversation, toasts, story-telling, and grace.

Grooming and attire

In today's world of designer jeans and bearded men, it can be hard to know the best way to present yourself to others. No matter how well you know a colleague or client, everyone in the room is judging you. Whether the goal is to simply blend in or to be recognized as the most fashionable in the room, it's important to learn how to maintain your personal brand through clothing, fragrance, and grooming.

What we love most about Julian Leaver’s training is that his past professional experience is directly in five-star hotels. He understands our clientele, our team, and our guest interactions. It was easy for him to create a lesson plan based on the reality of our day-to-day guest interactions and the required skills needed even for our already well-polished team.
— Melina, The Little Nell



The Dapper Diplomat, based in Dallas, Texas, imparts etiquette expertise nationwide.

hotels and resorts

The lifetime value of a single guest to a four- or five-star property can quickly reach six figures. Every luxury property general manager and human resources director knows the toughest challenge is to train front-level crew and mid-level managers with the knowledge they need to make every guest feel special. 

Financial planners 

Few markets are as tough to gain trust in as wealth management. The best financial planners know taking care of their clients with consistent and meaningful experiences will garner referrals to friends and family, instantly establishing the kind of trust that matters most.

Wedding planners

Luxury wedding clients make decisions about their vendors based largely on two factors: how good their work is and how likable they are. In today's Instagram world, it's not hard to showcase great work. However, demonstrating your thoughtfulness, appreciation, and taste is what will set you apart. 

real estate brokers

For most people, a real estate transaction is the single biggest purchase in their life. Making them feel at ease with the person guiding and advising them paves the way to reducing stress and making the experience enjoyable.  Communication is key, and distinguishing yourself makes the relationship succeed.

luxury car dealers

Consumers shopping for an upscale vehicle expect an extraordinary experience. With dealerships offering prospective buyers' gourmet coffees from on-site bistros and guided retail experiences for car accessories, salespeople have to move from knowing only about the product to embracing five-star hospitality principles.


Many leaders are plucked from the ranks of middle-management and need grooming to fill the part of company representative. Other, more-tenured executives are farther along in their careers, making it hard to relate to younger executives who have different ideas about professional behavior. Entrepreneurs face the pressure of impressing venture capitalists and established suppliers with years of experience polishing their brands.