What do we cover?

Real talk: travel is hard. Not only is it grueling on your body, your inner time clock, and your schedule, it affects your relationships both at work and at home. When we arrive at a destination, we are bombarded with new meetings, projects, and hotel time that distracts from our normal routine. Making time to take care of your “normal” life while you are on the road is difficult. How on earth do you stay connected and not treat each trip like vacation?

Anyone who says that the journey should be as nice as the destination only flies twice a year. From the planning of your journey to the treks through the airports to how to make your hotel room feel more like home, be prepared to have your mind blown. Find out what you're not doing pre-, during, and post-flight—and how to improve it.

Key Components Include:

  • How to travel like a baller
  • Making the journey enjoyable
  • 11 items you can’t live without at your seat
  • Being productive while on the road
  • What to splurge on and what to skip

Why Is it Important?

The honesty about travel is that it is a lot harder than it looks and wears you out more than you think. Staying connected to family and the sense of belonging that brings is like fuel for your trip. It recharges you, excites you, drives you, and makes you better. Ensuring that you plug in with them on a regular basis allows you to continue to move forward. Although you are out of the office, your colleagues are still counting on you. They want your advice, your weigh in, and your valuable time. By holding yourself accountable to these people in your “normal” life while you are on the road, you will be able to recharge, re-evaluate, and reach new heights of productivity.

How Will You Use It?

  • Make the most of your networking opportunities
  • Keep up relationships while you are away from home
  • Create healthy habits without breaking your routine
  • Begin to take a geo-planning approach to business travel