outclass the competition with MODERN etiquette

In today's world of sales and service, everyone is competing for the same business. The old tenets of advertising are no longer relevant. How you make people feel is what matters most in a market built on relationships, and it's the complete experience everyone wants. The golden rule is out, and the platinum rule is in: Treat others the way they want to be treated.

The Dapper Diplomat, a Five-Star Finishing School based in Dallas, Texas, offers enhanced techniques to learn or refine any personal brand. Individuals and team members aren't born knowing how to deliver a sophisticated sales pitch for a large contract, or make a prosperous client feel comfortable in an ultra-luxury atmosphere. Even top performers in their fields had to learn at some point in their career.

We strongly recommend not learning from mistakes. The stakes are too high and personal brand loyalty is too important. In helping you and your team to understand the math of messing up, The Dapper Diplomat stands ready to help you outclass the competition.