Every day, in every business around the world, humans engage in a timeless transaction: the exchange of goods and services. The most fundamental element of etiquette is to make everyone feel comfortable. As a business man at the top of your game, why wouldn’t you want to get that right every single time?

As a young man, my mother felt it was important to teach me the skills I needed to be self reliant, treat others with respect, work on my own and in small groups, and, most importantly, to be prepared. She had to look no further than enrolling me in The Boy Scouts of America, where I went on to earn the rank of Eagle Scout and be inducted into the elite Order of the Arrow society.

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The Boy Scouts not only taught me to be prepared, but how to behave and interact in a modern world. The skills of knot tying and fire building are not only about rappelling or staying warm. They are lessons in patience, kindness, and working together toward a mutual goal.

Building upon these lessons, my early twenties expanded my horizons and took me overseas. First, to Israel, where I worked in international shipping and clearing, and then on to China, where I taught young, fresh-faced, eager students about the world I was exploring right alongside them.

It is here that I learned to adapt, assess situations, make changes, and navigate cultures that were drastically different to the one in which I was raised. These experiences also instilled in me a pursuit of knowledge and of seeking to share what I have learned with others.

A lifelong fan of the pomp and circumstance of the British Royal family led me to the opportunity to work in America’s castles, ultra-luxury hotels, and resorts. Belonging to, and eventually leading, a team of highly specialized and motivated sales and service teams provided me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of personality types, temperaments, and sales styles. It further reinforced my belief that, even more important than how you learn, how you sell, or how you perform, is how you accomplish these tasks with grace, patience, and understanding.

With additional stints in corporate America for Gannett Healthcare as well as the luxury event industry, I was able to further hone my customer-focused approach and continue to understand more fully that getting it right when it matters most is crucial.

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So, how did I get here? In 2016, I made the decision to formalize my etiquette education and attended The Washington School of Protocol in Washington, D.C. where I acquired my Certified Protocol Officer designation.

The opportunity to share with others what has so freely been shared with me is an incredible honor and responsibility. Wherever you may find yourself on your modern etiquette journey, my goal is that The Dapper Diplomat will meet you where you are, give you the tools to succeed, and help you get it right when it matters most. I look forward to connecting with you soon. Until then, stay dapper.

- Julian Leaver, The Dapper Diplomat