What do we cover?

It’s time to start dining like a diplomat, but what is a diplomat? The dictionary defines diplomat as:

  • a person who can deal with people in a sensitive and effective way

Synonyms: tactful person, conciliator, reconciler, peacemaker

In other words, a person who is worldly, sophisticated, and who outclasses the competition at every turn. Why wouldn’t you want to dine like this person does? By bringing an entirely different level of game to the table, you naturally elevate everyone’s benchmarks to a level they never knew or expected possible. This is where the rubber hits the road of making the personal brand, personal again.

Key Components Include:

  • How to dine and do business like a diplomat
  • It's not about the forks
  • How to avoid looking like a caveman
  • Ways to make the staff go the extra mile
  • Money matters

Why Is it Important?

Does any of this even matter anymore? Isn’t dining etiquette outdated and out of touch?

We believe that dining etiquette is the last vestige of the old world that is relevant.

Why? Because, we are mirrors. A reflection of what you would do for those you dine with, if you were their client. Being classy, sophisticated, and intentional are never out of style and since we are no longer being taught these virtues on a regular basis, when we are forced to face them, we are woefully under-equipped.

Start your journey and let us lead you out of the forest of forks to the other side, where you know what you are doing and how to show others the way. It’s time to elevate and level-up your skills to match your success.

How Will You Use It?

  • Pick the right restaurant for business
  • Utilize the art of conversation
  • Defuse and deflect tough topics
  • Order like a connoisseur