11 Etiquette Tips Before You Fly

Have a plan, stupid. Just like you have a plan once you get on the plane, having a plan for how you are going to tackle the obstacle course of the airport prior to settling into that seat is just as crucial. What should you be on the lookout for and how should you react? Check out the 11 steps to easily navigate the airport below. 

No. 1 – Be ready to go

We believe in a go bag. You should too. It’s going to make your life a million times easier. Your carry on should always be ready to go, with extra chargers, toiletries, charged noise cancelling headphones and even a blanket. Also, having a toiletry kit that is never unpacked but always ready to be thrown in your suitcase can speed up the process of getting out the door. Grab it all and jump in your car service or ride sharing app car and you can start to get work done right away. 

No. 2 – Let them load the luggage

Yes, let them actually load the luggage. It’s their job and every minute counts. Need we remind you that time is actually money and using the services that you are paying for are part of your time saving plan!

No. 3 – Don’t argue about directions or apps

Let them drive. No, really, let them drive. Unless they are taking you completely out of the way your driver is probably more of an expert at navigating the way to or from the airport than you. Don’t forget they have already been up for three hours making airport runs so they know what the best way to and from is that day. Just relax, leave in enough time and use this part of the journey to get some work done on your phone or computer. 

No. 4 – Be upfront about phone calls

We all hate it when there is music playing or a radio program that we don’t want to listen to on this specific commute. It’s ok to ask the driver to turn it down or turn it off. Besides, car rides are the perfect time to return phone calls or connect with your tribe. Just make sure you let the driver know ahead of time and communicate that you are going to need to be on the phone. Usually, they are happy to just focus on getting you to your destination. 

No. 5 – Let the driver unload car

See No. 2. #notjoking Time is money people. 

No. 6 – Tip driver immediately

If your ride doesn’t have the gratuity built in, get this piece out of the way ahead of time. If you are riding with an app then you can even tip right when you get to the airport before you get out of the car and if you are using cash, then after they have unloaded the luggage is the perfect time to thank them that little extra bit for the great service. 

 No. 7 – Beat them to the smile and greet

They want to be at the airport about as much as you do at 6:00 am for that early morning business flight. But if you beat them the smile and greet at 5 ft that their training dictates then you have a better chance to making your interaction that much better. This rule applies for all airport employees, from TSA to the lounge agent to the gate agent to your flight attendant. These underpaid and overworked service providers are all just waiting to interact with the nice customer of the day. It’s yours for the taking, just make the leap. 

No. 8 – Don’t make others wait

We all hate to wait, but hate it even more when we’ve been standing in line for security. It’s not that the TSA hasn’t placed about 20 signs to tell you what to do prior to getting to the actual checkpoint, but just that travelers are just less present these days. Save everyone else around you an extra fifteen seconds and get your stuff ready prior to getting to the agent and then the security gate. Time is money people!

No. 9 – Be patient with elderly and kids

It should be so obvious that this is a priority, but we would just like to reiterate your basic manners here and remind you to cool your jets with those who are older or younger than you. It’s not their fault that the wheelchair is now necessary or that their parents aren’t paying enough attention. Turn that frustration upside down and offer a helping hand. We all know they could use it. 

No. 10 – Don’t talk on the phone in quiet areas

Again, obvious, since there are about 20 signs posted in the quiet area, but just a little reminder to bring it back to the basics. We know you can do it, it’s now just time to practice!

No. 11 – Get seat needs ready 

Just like the TSA line the other place we all experience travel frustration is right when we board. If you are ready with your charger, laptop, and every other item you might need at your seat in your under-seat bag instead of your overhead one then you are going to save everyone more time, which means an on time departure, etc., etc., etc. Additional pro tip: Avoid the bulkhead seat if you can, yes there are few inches of leg room, but the inconvenience of having to get up and down throughout the flight is rarely worth it on domestic travel. 


Julian Leaver