5 Ways to Maintain Healthy Habits on the Road

You’ve been putting in some hardcore time at the gym and eating kale salads for weeks. Summer is finally here after all. Don’t blow it all now!  

Instead, read on and discover the 5 ways I stay healthy while traveling:

1.     Move your body

Though I’m not always able to do my full routine when traveling, I do commit to moving my body for a minimum of 30-minutes per day. I don’t need fancy equipment or my favorite yoga instructor to get my heart rate pumping either. I just make sure to leave room in my suitcase for my sneakers. When I arrive, I lace up and go explore my destination.

2.     Block time in your schedule

Travel can wreak havoc on my normal routine. If I’m not careful, I’ll over-schedule myself and the next thing I know, there is no time to take care of me. Instead, I make sure I schedule sacred time in my day for working out, sleep and connecting with loved ones. I block out this time like it’s a VIP meeting – because it is.

3.     Eat green

Why is it that I want to eat “all the things” when I’m out of town? I can follow a healthy eating plan at home, but change scenery, and I’m like those kids in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.To avoid looking like that blueberry kid, I make sure to fill my plate with something green at each meal. Even if I splurge on dessert or an extra helping of fries, I relax knowing that I also made a few healthy choices that day.

4.     Leave your hotel room

The worst thing for my mental AND physical health? – hanging out in a hotel room. In room dining menus aren’t known for their healthy options – and vegging in front of the TV is just, well, depressing. Instead, I opt to lace up those sneakers again, get some fresh air and discover a great, new restaurant.

5.     Maintain your friendships

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It is so important to nurture your relationships while you’re on the road. Feeling connected to others is critical to my mental health, so I schedule time in my day to phone home.

Work these habits in to your travels, and you’ll maintain a healthy and happy body and mind - which will carry you through to your next trip. 

Till next time, happy travels! 

Julian Leaver