Four Ways to Stay Connected to Loved Ones While Traveling 

You’re up early and out the door before sunrise. Your day is filled with back-to-back meetings followed by dinner and drinks with a new client. You return to your hotel room and fall in to bed, ready (or not) to do it all over again tomorrow. As you’re about to doze off, your heart sinks. Ugh. You forgot to check in at home. 

Traveling for work can make you feel lonely and a bit isolated - but it doesn’t have to.  Try a few of these tips to stay connected, no matter how far away you might be.

  • Set a daily reminder to check in

    It may sound a bit robotic, but use technology to tell your loved ones that you, well, love them! Set a daily reminder in your iPhone or IOS device to check in. I like to set a reminder that goes off first thing in the morning, before my day gets too crazy.

  • Leave love notes

    Remember those scavenger hunts you loved as a kid? Recreate the fun by leaving simple “I love you” sticky notes anywhere your sweetie usually goes throughout his/her day. I like to leave them in the shower, on the coffee maker, in the car. . . Get creative and use your imagination. 

  • Plan a date upon your return

    Before you leave for your trip, schedule and plan a fun date to reconnect upon your return. Send your Valentine a calendar invite that reads: “Date Night Surprise!”. This will let your loved one know you are thinking of them. Thoughtful brownie points! 

  • Don’t forget the kiddos

    Your kids are impacted by your travel schedule too – whether or not they show it! Stay tethered to them too by making note of any school activities that are taking place while you’re away. When you check in, be sure to ask how that school project went or what they wore to the school dance. These simple questions, as well as a gift from the airport gift shop, will make them feel loved and appreciated. 

Julian Leaver