Three Mistakes that are Almost Impossible to Recover From

We all want to make a great first impression. Who doesn’t want to be remembered for their witty sense of humor, dapper style, or ability to make a killer introduction? All of the hard work that you put into your personal brand though can be washed away quickly if you don’t take care of your personal hygiene. There is nothing that turns off a potential new client or colleague like a body faux pas, but the three that follow are almost impossible to recover from. 

No. 1 – Dragon Breath

Humans interact face to face and sometimes at close quarters, depending on the culture you are operating in. No one wants to be greeted by a waft of foul breath as you are introducing yourself and using that firm handshake that you have been practicing. Instead of your name all that your new acquaintance is trying to remember is to avoid you at all costs the next time you meet. First impression blown. This department is an easy fix. Brush your teeth before you head out to your next appointment, networking event, or client dinner and you will be half way there. A little mouth wash never hurt anyone, so keep some in the glove box of your car and we strongly advocate for mints in the breast pocket of your jacket. It may seem like common sense, but if it was we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Ask your best friend to level up with you on the need for our advice. 

No. 2 – Nasty Nails – Biting Handshake

 Clip those claws! Oh, I loved being scratched by his extra-long talons, said no one ever. Even if you can’t schedule a regular manicure to assist, ensure you have a set of clippers nearby at all times to ensure you are not delivering biting handshakes. You deserve to not have your perfect first impression blown by scratching someone and likewise you wouldn’t want the same done to you. 

No. 3 – The Smoke Cloud

You know it already, so we aren’t even going to say it. But we know you know. So, now that that is out of the way, you also know that no one wants to be enveloped in the cloud you have brought in from your last little run outside. Again, first impressions do matter and they are first because they can never be taken back. It’s time to take action on the plan you have created to eliminate this little problem. The time is now, and it truly can’t wait. Your career depends on it. 

Julian Leaver