How to Pick the Right Attire for the Occasion

We know this is not usually your department. It can definitely be hard if you are used to your spouse or significant other being in charge of the invitations and dictating the dress code to you, but you can you do it and we can help. Not to mention the points you are going to score by not having to ask and being appropriately attired. Can we say a good end to the night? 

No. 1 – What did the invite say? 

 Find the invite. We know you put it in a drawer somewhere, but these things are actually important. If you even suggest that they should be kept in the same place every time we are sure you are going to get extra points. Let the information guide you. No attire written? The next steps will help. 

No. 2 – What time is the event? 

 Your biggest clue. If it is after 5:00 pm you are playing in the evening sphere. Now it’s just time to figure out if it’s cocktail or black tie? The easy rule to use is that if there is nothing written about dress code and the event is after 5:00 pm then you can default to cocktail attire. This could mean a suit, a suit without a tie, or even slacks and a sport coat. 

 No. 3 – What season is it?

 This will help with that last part. Which of those three should you choose, suit, suit without a tie or slacks and a sport coat. These are usually determined by the season. Is it a formal season or a more relaxed season? Generally, Fall and Winter are considered formal and Spring and Summer are considered more relaxed. 

 No. 4 - What type of event is it? 

 Is it a wedding or a cocktail party, a welcome party or a rehearsal dinner? Here’s a quick condensed guide to help: 

 Wedding at a Church – Suit

Wedding in Fall or Winter – Suit

Wedding in Spring or Summer – Suit without a tie or slacks and sports coat 

Work Cocktails - Suit without a tie or slacks and sports coat 

Winter Gala – Black tie

 No. 5 – What’s the weather like?

 The season will dictate your outerwear. Cold or hot, we trust you can figure this one out, but the common rule here is that you can always take items off, but can only put on so much so if you think you will be cold, you probably will be. There is nothing manly about turning blue at an outside event that was scheduled for the spring and the winter hasn’t yet decided to end. 

 No. 6 – What’s the accessory rule? 

 The general rule in this department is two accessories. A great watch and a wedding ring. If you don’t have a ring then you can substitute as needed, but we believe in less is more in this area. 

 No. 7 – If all else fails phone a friend

 Never be ashamed to ask for assistance in this area. Invitations can be unclear or even contain made-up attire, such a boat chic, that can be hard to decipher. If all else fails reach out to another friend who is attending the same event, we are sure the two of you can brainstorm it out. As a super last resort, emergency 911 moment reach out to the host directly, but we believe all other options should be completely exhausted prior to pulling this alarm!

Julian Leaver