Pros We Admire for Their Personal Brands

While we are bombarded by celebrity gossip, scandal, and intrigue on a daily basis, we are hardly ever treated to positive, glowing reviews of pros who have cut through the chaos and built personal brands that we could use as role models. Here are five pros we admire for their actions as much as their brands.   

No. 1 - Anderson Cooper

The silver haired correspondent hooked us the minute we caught a glimpse of him reporting live from the beach of some hurricane disaster. Poised, professional, and with an impeccable pedigree, this scion of the Vanderbilt family has truly lived up to his auspicious beginnings and allowed himself to experience empathy right before our eyes.

No. 2 - George Clooney

The man can deliver a line. And cut a figure in a suit like no movie star before him. But it is his striking commitment to his promises that puts Mr. Clooney on our list. Famously single he promised to not marry until it was truly right, and there can be no better following of that promise than Mrs. Amal Clooney, the designer bag toting, UN human rights attorney he made his wife. And what of his promises now? There is a standing promise between them both to never spend more than a week apart. Now that’s a pro we can get behind.

No. 3 - Prince Charles

He may be a Prince, but that has never stopped Charles from being polite. Famously prone to taking his time on a walk-about to stop and chat with every admirer, this Dapper Dan has found himself on our list for his polite use of the words, please and thank you. It’s rare for an individual with such wealth to exhibit such down-to-earth tendencies, but we also believe his upbringing by her Majesty might have had a little something to do with it.

No. 4 - James Corden

Let’s just start with the fact that his middle name is Kimberly. What we love most about this late-night talk show host is that his actions match his words. When he tells us he will sing with Lady Gaga in a car, he does it. And he makes it look like a walk in the park. Shouldn’t we all be so lucky as to be able to follow through with our actions on such a large stage? And also, don’t you just love it that he’s always driving everyone around. He’s such a considerate guy!

No. 5 - Colin Cowie

This wedding magnate has a brand that stretches from television wizardry to lifestyle guru. His mastery of the wedding world and all it encompasses is truly awe inspiring. But what lands him on our list is his ability to deal with brides and all they entail with an even keel and dry humor. What must make others mad and boil with rage is a walk in the park for this impressive pro, and we are continually blown away that he and his team soldier on despite the most over the top requests that could make his temper blow!

Julian Leaver