8 Ways to Make Others Feel Appreciated

Dale Carnegie literally wrote the book on how to get others to like you and do what you want done. If you’re smart, you’ll go read How to Win Friends and Influence People. You’ll find one of the best parts of the book is the insight into how humans respond to feeling appreciated. You can do it easily everyday with these eight simple approaches.

No. 1 – “I’m Proud of You for…”

Let others know you recognize what they’ve done and how it’s had an impact on the organization or specific clients. Most of us are out to please our bosses, so when you have the chance to do it for your direct reports you’ll gain huge ground by doing so.

No. 2 – “How’d You Do It?”

It’s great to recognize others’ successes, even celebrate them. You can do wonders by asking them how they accomplished it all. Let them regale you with their tale and listen attentively to really make them feel appreciated.

No. 3 – “Tell Me More…”

These three powerful words will get almost anyone talking about something they may not normally share. It’s especially good for those who are tight-lipped about their successes because they don’t want to brag. Bring out their stories with this phrase.

No. 4 – Social Media Shoutout

Some people like to be in the spotlight. If they do, putting them front and center on the company’s social media account is a great way to do it. It’s also effective if you’re putting them out front with a shout out or tag on your personal account.

No. 5 – Don’t Let Them Brush Off Compliments

You know the person who says “it’s no big deal” when you throw them some kind words? Well, push past that brushoff and let them know you really mean it and why. Then suggest that they just say thank you and accept the praise in the future. It will sink in more than if you just let it go.

No. 6 – Show Genuine Interest

There’s really nothing more important to making someone feel appreciated than simply being interested in them. Do it 100% and you’ll have a new BFF. Do it because you really are interested in them and you’ll enrich your life exponentially.

No. 7 – Meaningful Gifts

Gifts are one of the five love languages, and while you may not love your colleagues, many of them still love a great gift. Give something thoughtful that they can use regularly and you’ll win a smile from them for months to come.

No. 8 – Give an Outstanding Introduction

The next time you have the chance to introduce a colleague or friend, take some time to do it well. Introduce them, what they do, what they’re known for, and something the other person can connect with. If you do this regularly, everyone will want to know you so you can introduce them to people.

Julian Leaver