4 Steps to an Impactful Introduction

Introducing one person to another is something we do every day. But do we do it with meaning, grace, and an eye to building our personal brand? If you do all these already, stop reading and join our training team by reaching out to knowitall@dapperdiplomat.com. If you could use some pointers, read on…

First things first, tell each person the other’s name. Easy.

Second, provide a little background on each person for the other to get to know them a bit more. Focus not only on things that each is known for but also what the other person may be interested in. The hope is that they can find a common connection point to share as the conversation moves along. Remember to always include what they do for a profession and where they work.

Once you get the introduction of who they are, what they do, where they work, and what they’re known for, start a conversation about something you think they might share. It could be an interest, a client, a hobby, or whatever—the key is to make it a thing that everyone can talk about. The quickest way to mess up a good introduction is to skip this step or bring up a topic that only part of the group can discuss together.

When you feel the conversation is in a good place, test the waters to see if they’re both ready to swim together without you there. Ask a question about the thing you found they have in common, and wait to see if they can keep the conversation going without guidance from you. Stay in the middle until they can chat without your voice added in.

If done well and consistently, you will be known for extraordinary introductions and connecting people—a great thing to have as part of your personal brand in the realm of referrals and word-of-mouth.

Julian Leaver