5 Numbers Your Body Wants You to Pay Attention To

You’ve slowed down, started to listen, and have created a space for yourself to do a little reflection. So, what is your body actually starting to say? We suggest you take the pulse of your health in these five key areas in order to improve or maintain a healthy life - especially in this incredibly busy season of the year! 

Your Gut & The Scale

Let’s start with what you’re putting in your mouth. The busier we get, the less attention we pay to what we eat. Are we just reaching for the easiest option - one that is most likely filled with empty calories - or are we making deliberate choices to promote our health? All you have to do is look down at your midsection, and you’ll know the answer. Remember: Taking time to fill up on fuel that is going to promote brain function and a healthy internal system makes us all better human beings. 

Pro Tip: Start to pack your snacks. Yes, just like an elementary school student. If it’s within reach and happens to be a stock of broccoli and not a cookie you are two steps ahead.

Your BMI

Do you know your Body Mass Index (BMI)? If so, good on you and if not, maybe it’s time to start. The main point when it comes to BMI, is that it’s time to get up and move. We know that we feel better when we have a regular exercise routine, but things get in the way: email, meetings, kids, the fact that you are binging the last season of your favorite show. You know, important stuff. 

Just start in the right direction by taking a walk. Around the block. Heck, even around the room. It’s all about getting active and burning some calories friends! 

Your Cholesterol

This little guy is sneaky. You can go through your entire life never knowing if this number is high or low, good or bad. The only way to know if your body is betraying you in this area is to have your blood checked by a professional. And it’s important to do so! Clogged arteries can lead to major health issues – including an untimely death. Yikes.

 And don’t fret if your numbers come back a little high – just put down that fried chicken. Diet and medication can do wonders to remedy this situation effectively.

 Your Blood Pressure

Have you had your blood pressure checked recently? If not, it’s time! Not only is this an indicator of the levels of stress in your body, it can also determine how you approach any given situation. We all face pressure points in our day-to-day, whether at home with the family or at work with our colleagues. Keeping your stress in these situations at bay is crucial to maintaining a healthy heart.

We suggest using the H.A.L.T. (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) self-assessment method to combat undue stress. If you find yourself having an overly expressive reaction to basic daily tasks, it might be time to look and see if you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired and work to mitigate which of these might be affecting your decision making. 

Your Mental State

And last but never least, let’s chat a little about mental health. Do you find yourself incredibly anxious, stressed out easily, short tempered or combative? Perhaps it’s time for a little mental love. Every person is different in terms of their needs in this department, but don’t forget that at some point in life, we all go through periods like this and need a little extra help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, colleagues or mental health professionals. There is nothing wrong in admitting that something doesn’t quite feel right and chatting with someone you trust about it.

Julian LeaverHealth