hotels and resorts

The lifetime value of a single guest to a four- or five-star property can quickly reach six figures. Every luxury property GM and HR Director knows the toughest challenge is to train front-level crew and mid-level managers with the knowledge they need to make every guest feel comfortable. 

Financial planners 

Few markets are as tough to gain trust in as wealth management. The best financial planners know taking care of their clients with consistent and meaningful experiences will garner referrals to friends and family, instantly establishing the kind of trust that matters most.

Wedding planners

Luxury wedding clients make decisions on their vendors largely on two factors: how good is your work and how likable you are. In today's Instagram world it's not hard to showcase great work. However, demonstrating your thoughtfulness, appreciation and taste is what sets you apart. 

real estate brokers

For most people, a real estate transaction is the single biggest purchase in their life. Making them feel at ease with the person guiding and advising them paves the way to reduce stress and make the experience enjoyable.  Communication is key, and distinguishing yourself makes the relationships succeed.

luxury car dealers

Consumers shopping for an upscale vehicle expect an extraordinary experience. With dealerships offering prospective buyers gourmet coffees from on-site bistros and guided retail experiences for car accessories, salespeople have to move from knowing about the product to embracing five-star hospitality principles instead.


Many leaders are plucked from the ranks of middle-management, and need grooming to fill the part of company representative. Other, more-tenured executives are aging in their careers, making it hard to relate to younger executives with different ideas of what is professional behavior. Entrepreneurs face the pressure of impressing VCs and established suppliers with years of experience that polished their brands.