school admissions interview prep

Why do students need an admissions interview tutor?

You've spent years preparing to get into the best school because it's the foundation for starting a meaningful life. A top educational institution provides not only the academic rigor required to get a great job immediately after college, it also gives young adults the kind of formative experiences they'll need to succeed in life.

Students spend thousands of hours in the classroom, hundreds of hours preparing for entrance exams, and countless afternoons and weekends in extracurricular activities to create a compelling portfolio for admissions counselors.

And then, the admissions interview goes terribly wrong. All the hard work and financial resources are for not.

Why leave the final step—the interview—to chance?


Standout interviews

Academic tutors and guidance counselors are there to teach you how to select the right schools, present your academic portfolio, write essays, and improve test scores. We know these considerations are incredibly important to getting the attention of admissions counselors, and we absolutely encourage students and parents to pursue these resources. If you're fortunate enough to get through the qualifying process, the interview is the best opportunity to stand out—for good or for bad.

Our Dallas-based high school and college interview prep program focuses on three key areas (preparation, implementation, and follow up) with special attention paid to these necessities:

  • Editing social media activity to eliminate detrimental content
  • Researching the institution for information about its values, student body, academics, and history
  • Selecting appropriate grooming and attire choices
  • Introducing yourself to make a favorable impression
  • Presenting yourself with maturity and poise
  • Perfecting your conversation skills for listening, asking questions, and articulation
  • Departing the interview with grace
  • Following up with insightful and thoughtful correspondence

Just as students aren't born knowing calculus, they must learn from expert teachers how to conduct themselves with sophistication, articulate their ideas and interests, and showcase their budding soft skills. Academic teachers possess a narrow field of expertise because students need to learn from specialists for the best content possible. We believe teaching etiquette, communication, and interpersonal skills should also be left to those with proper training to provide instruction to students.


Group Seminars

The Dapper Diplomat holds regular interview prep courses in Dallas, Texas, for groups limited to 30 students aged 13+. Each workshop lasts 3 hours, with 90 minutes devoted to instruction, 60 minutes for practice interviews, and 30 minutes for Q& A.  The information covered is presented in an engaging and relevant approach for teens, and is appropriate for high school and college applicants. The fee for the course plus take-home material is $599/student. 



Private one-on-one or small-group tutoring

Like regular school classes, some students need or want a personalized tutoring experience. Private interview prep covers the same core information as the group seminars, but with a tailored approach to the student(s) and their parents. Private workshops offer a more conversational feel to the lessons, and encourage a dialogue about proper etiquette between the participant(s) and instructor. Sessions typically range from 1-3 hours, and are available in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, as well as nationwide. 

*Advice About Possible Outcomes: Either at the commencement or during the course of our relationship, we may express opinions or beliefs concerning our services or the event or various courses of action and the results that might be anticipated. Any such statement made by us is intended to be an expression of opinion only, based on information available to us at the time, and should not be construed by you as a promise or guarantee.  Specifically, with regard to high schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning, we cannot guarantee admission, acceptance, or matriculation as a result of our consulting, advice, or provision of the services.