Travel Like a Pro

We all have that one thing — the top-of-the-list fantasy we never imagine will actually happen. For some, it might be skydiving in the Nevada desert; for others, perhaps hearing Andrea Bocelli sing in his Tuscan hometown.

For me, it’s quite simple. I have always been fascinated with flying. Sure, I have adored luxurious vehicles and dreamed of riding the Orient Express, but my big transportation obsession has always been planes. Private planes. Fast planes. Vintage planes.

The one that tops my list, though, is the most high-tech plane there is: the Airbus A380. This double-decker bad boy is the world’s largest, most luxurious commercial aircraft in the skies today. So, when my friend and regular travel companion Meredith Harrell suggested a jaunt to Dubai for dinner by way of Emirates’ Airbus A380, I couldn’t resist.

After all, what better way to experience the full glory of this groundbreaking aircraft than to hop a ride to one of its most exotic and furthest destinations from the United States? Herein, a minute-by-minute account of our fast-paced transcontinental adventure.

For an hour-by-hour itinerary, click here.