Communicating with Grace in the Digital Age

The challenge with communication these days is that so much of it occurs electronically. Body language and tone - fundamental in our ability to interpret meaning in communication - is incredibly difficult to convey in written form. I think that’s one of the reasons why emojis are so effective on social media and messaging. ;) 

In these realms, you must use words to relate to other people in a way that makes sense to them. Clients and colleagues – all people, really – need to understand what you’re trying to say without using what we humans have always used to read people and situations.

The result is that our communication these days is much more complex. For instance, getting back to people in a timely way is a way that you can communicate that you care about them. And vice-versa, if you don’t get back to them for a few days, they will likely think you don’t care about them. Response time is one of the biggest areas to focus on for this reason.

Social media is another area we like to focus on with our clients. Media is marketing, and marketing is about presenting your brand to create awareness and interest. In many cases, an individual’s personal brand is being represented through Instagram, Facebook, and other outlets in a less-than-desirable way. How you edit your behaviors online to showcase who you are and what you value can be challenging.

So, what are you doing to present yourself and your voice with care, tact and empathy in today's digital world?