Five-star finishing school

The Dapper Diplomat offers classes for adults, children and teens through our Five-Star Finishing School. We partner with some of the country's finest properties to create a luxurious environment where you can learn skills for social and business etiquette. Each of our programs provides relevant content to make your guests feel comfortable in any situation you encounter.


adult etiquette

Navigating personal and professional courtesies with grace is a prerequisite to making friends, family and colleagues remember you with a favorable impression. Every day we run into scores of situations that demand skills in introductions and dining, grooming and attire, entertaining and communication. Our two-hour adult etiquette program covers all you'll need to know to ensure you're presenting yourself in ways that make a remarkable impression.


Teen etiquette

Parents know teenagers struggle to balance the inclinations of childhood with the growing expectations of an adult world. Help your teens learn the basics of greeting adults, grooming and dressing appropriately, dating with dignity, attending family and social events, dining out and at dinner parties, and managing their social media profiles in a fun and respectful manner. Give us two hours to get your oldest children presentable for public life.


Child etiquette

Every kid wants to play no matter where they are, even if social situations discourage it. Our two-hour class is just the right amount of time to present kid-friendly and engaging information so your youngest children can learn how to manage their little engines that drive them to do the craziest things to embarrass you. They'll learn how to sit patiently at a dinner table, how to properly call for attention while adults are talking, introduce themselves respectfully, order at a restaurant politely, attend events with grace, and take care of their clothes during a social occasion. 


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